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Barefoot Dreams!


Give your tootsies the TLC they deserve with our combination of Detox Salt Soak, Pumice Stone, Barefoot Foot Butter, & fuzzy socks. 


Barefoot Dreams Experience:

1. Begin this magical foot experience by sprinkling our Detox Salt Soak in warm water and immerse feet. This soak helps eliminate toxins in your feet and remove impurities deeps within the skin.

2. After Soaking, pat dry skin. Rub your feet with the Pumice Stone to remove dead skin for ultra soft feet.

3. Follow with Barefoot Butter and massage into feet for skin that is smooth as a baby's!

4. Finish by slipping on our Fuzzy Socks for a cozy end to an amazing experience.


These steps will leave your feet looking and feeling refreshed!

Self Care Rituals: Feet