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This large 20oz Salt Soak is created with Activated Coconut Charcoal & Hawaiian Black Lava to Detoxify Your Skin. 


Combined with Epsom Salts, this detoxifying blend will help relax and soothe muscles. Plus the Eucalyptus scent creates a spa experience.


Key Ingredient: Activated Coconut Charcoal.

The activated coconut charcoal in our Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt makes this salt incredibly detoxifying and purifying. Activated charcoal detoxifies the skin by attracting and trapping toxins in its millions of tiny pores. It draws impurities and excess sebum, skin oil, out of the body, providing balance and relief for those who suffer from extremely oily or problematic skin. 


The salts work to rid the body of dry, rough skin, encourages turnover of new skin cells, draws impurities out, and smooths and brightens skin.

Detox Soak

  • Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Epsom Salt, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  • Pour 1/4 cup of soak into warm water in the bath, or however much you'd like. Relax and Unwind as the salts will do all the work and the Eucalyptus aroma will ease you.