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Best Wick Dipper with Antique Brass Finish in Gift Box

  • 7.5" long, comes gift boxed
  • Use the dipping arm to push wick over into wax and snuff
  • Snuffs container and pillar candles by coating and sealing wick, preventing smoking and smoldering.
  • Made from lightweight steel
  • Weighs 2.1 ounce


Wick Dippers are used on candles to avoid the acrid stench and smoke produced when blowing out a candle.


An additional benefit of a wick dipper is that it allows you to easily adjust the wick of a single wick candle to center it to get a better, more even burn and wax pool on the next use. Centering the wick of the candle ensures that you are getting the most out of your candle by getting an even wax pool every burn.

Wick Dipper