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San Clemente Bath Company is a family owned and operated business located in beautiful Southern California. It all began with me (Hi, I’m Mary) and my sister, Carol, raising our families in the quaint beach town of San Clemente. As young moms, we felt it was our duty to make our homes and environment as healthy and happy as possible.  Our natural curiosity about the safety of products that our families were exposed to led us on the mission that we continue to this day.  

It all started with a candle!  We absolutely LOVE candles. Fragrance for the home and body is a spa-like luxury that everyone should experience. Unfortunately, some candles have hidden toxins that can be detrimental to our health. We decided to make our own candles when we were “unhappy” with the ingredients in the candles we found on the market - paraffin wax, lead wicks and fake fragrances can all cause health problems. After some research, we decided to try our hand at home-made soy candles scented with pure essential oils. Soy wax – sustainable, clean burning, beautiful, creamy and a perfect vessel for essential oils. (As a side note, our first candle was “Be Happy,” and is our most popular to date!)


You guessed it…we couldn’t stop there! Researching the ingredients of bath, beauty and household products became our next big project. We found so many ingredients being used that are dangerous. Everything our skin comes into contact with can quickly absorb into our bodies. The only way we could feel 100 percent confident in our choices was to begin making our own products.


We soon added another member to our team, my beautiful and talented daughter, Michele, upon her graduating from Chapman University in 2015.  She is the spark that lights up our product line. Together we have set out on a journey to master a line of bath and body products that is unmatched in its dedication to keeping hidden toxins from our fragile bodies.


Fragrance is still so ever important to us.  As a result, most of our products are infused with wonderful essential oils.  We create products to nourish and pamper your skin, your senses, and your well-being.


 We choose our ingredients from the finest selection of natural and organic sources from all around the world.  Each of these materials is included for a specific therapeutic reason. Our goal is to create products that will change people’s skin, homes, and lives for the better with nourishing products that feed, heal and protect. Every day can be a “spa” day when using products from San Clemente Bath Co.  


Mary, Carol, & Michele.


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