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Our first three candles feature three beach cities near and dear to our hearts and homes! These luxurious scented candles will transport you to the serene shores of your favorite beach destinations. 


  • Dana Point - This wonderful candle smells like the beach, wth hints of coconut, citrus and vanilla, this fragrance is tropical and fresh.


  • Laguna Beach - This refreshing candle sweeps you away to the coast on fresh, aquatic winds with notes of salty ozone, fresh citrus, melon and woody oakmoss.


  • San Clemente -  This beautiful candle has a fresh ocean scent with notes of dalily, sea spray, watery florals and musk


Each candle is made with high-quality coconut soy wax and premium fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting and delightful scent experience. Bring the tranquil and soothing vibes of beach cities right into your home with any of these enchanting candles.

Beach Cities Minis

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