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Self-Care Rituals


“ Do you have powerful routines and rhythms that ground the days of your life in health, happiness, and holiness? I mention all three because I believe they are very strongly connected.” – Matthew Kelly

I’m a huge Matthew Kelly fan, and I was thinking about the importance of rituals in my daily activities when this quote popped up!

A basic definition of ritual is: “a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony.” Personally, I find that having certain rituals helps bring balance to my day, guiding and directing my energies. In today’s busy world, being pulled in so many directions, it helps to have activities that you do on a regular basis. It brings a sense of structure and continuity.

Rituals can be acts of self-care. How do you begin your day? I have to say that I begin each day with gratitude. I review in my mind everything that I am grateful for. This ritual sets me in the right direction to take on the day. Next comes my morning cup of coffee, then taking my pups for a walk on the beach trail. The rest of the day is most likely a mixture of the unknown in the hectic chaotic world, but my morning rituals help me with a sense of stability. I am doing something important for myself with my rituals.

At San Clemente Bath Co., self-care rituals are becoming the backbone of our business and what we want to provide for our clients. Taking the time to love ourselves in mind and body is a fantastic way to become the best version of ourselves. We are providing self-care rituals using quality plant-based ingredients that awaken, nourish and heal body and soul.

Adding a self-care ritual to your daily routine is a must. Why not start with a skincare routine? We have had many clients express to us that they want to have a skincare ritual, but don’t even know where to begin. That is why we will be re-introducing our step-by-step Ritual: Face. It’s easy to follow the steps and your skin will look and feel fantastic. You will also feel so pampered and refreshed. Carving out time for yourself with rituals of self-care should be a mandatory part of your day. Because you deserve it!

Watch for our FACE steps to be coming soon!

Just for fun, I have included some quotes from famous women about their self-care rituals:

Tracee Ellis Ross (actress) on having a beauty regime:

"Exercise helps make my body strong enough to do what I set my heart and mind to. I carry myself differently when I feel strong. I’ve always worked out and been active, and it’s one of the ways I care for myself, along with meditation, baths, eating beautiful things that make me happy, being silent, and being with friends and family. My beauty regime is a huge part of how I care for myself. It’s about getting my sleep and drinking lots of water. I’m big on hydrating internally and externally, so there’s a lot of oils and hydration that I use. Self-care is one of the active ways that I love myself. When you can and as you can, in ways that feel loving, make time and space for yourself!"

Gisele Bündchen (model) on carving out time for herself:

“After adding everyone’s schedule on the calendar, I make sure that every day I have some sacred time for myself, so I can recharge. I noticed every time I felt overwhelmed I would hold my breath. I had to learn to stop, relax and take long deep breaths, and within seconds I would feel more clear and ready to deal with the situation in a more loving way. Meditation also has been a wonderful tool. I notice that when I don’t take the time to do it, I am not as centered, patient or clear”.

Beyoncé (actress and singer) on self-care:

“We have to care about our bodies and what we put in [and on] them. Women have to take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish. The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself."

Viola Davis (actress) on taking time for herself:

“You know what? Especially with women, we are usually the caretakers of everyone except for ourselves. If I don’t take care of myself and I’m taking care of my daughter or my husband or whatever—I’m running on fumes. I have nothing left to give. Nothing. But when I take the time to take care of myself, to go to the doctor, go to a spa, get a deep-tissue massage, get adjusted by chiropractor … I feel like I can face life with a renewed vigor and renewed passion."

Anne Lamott (author) on taking small, loving actions:

“90 percent of my life is radical self-care. Put your own oxygen mask on first! I do for myself what I would do for you – make a lovely cup of tea or a hot bath, or go buy myself a fabulous pair of socks. I believe that you take the action, and THEN the insight follows. I do loving things for me, stroke my own shoulder, put myself down for a short nap, and the insight follows: that I am a wild precious woman, a “human merely being”, as E.E Cummings put it, “deserving of respect, tenderness, protection, delight, and solidarity.”

“…deserving of respect, tenderness, protection, delight, and solidarity.” Love it!


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