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10 Baths You Need in Your Life Right Now

For those of you who love baths, you know that there is truly nothing quite like the relaxation that a bath provides. There are no limits to what can increase the spa experience while you are taking a bath. Whether it is a candle-lit setting, playful bubble baths, smoothing essential oils, flower petals, soothing bath soaks, therapeutic epsom salts, you are in ultimate relaxation zone.

Here are 10 baths that you need to have in your life right now because... well... why not? These locations are truly unreal..

ENJOY & try not to get too jealous.

Above the City View... not too shabby

I probably would never move from this spot

Jacuzzi Bath Tub with a view of the Italian Coast and glass of Champagne to top it all off

Enjoy a tropical paradise view while in the ultimate relaxation mode

A short walk to the water & white sandy beaches

Do these even exist?!

The Tranquility of this view is real...

La vue est magnifique!

In the midst of the jungle

Now this would make me feel like the ultimate princess.

Even though you can't be in all these pristine baths, you can increase your spa experience with a little help from San Clemente Bath Co. Form our candles, to scrubs, to soaks, to bath salts, we can get you close to the perfect bath experience.


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