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It all began with a candle...

The concept behind San Clemente Bath Co. begins with our use of essential oils. Fragrance for the home and body is a mood-enhancing luxury that everyone should experience. But candles and beauty aids and products for the home can have hidden toxins that can be detrimental to our health. San Clemente Bath Company uses the finest natural products that we can find to create beautiful and nourishing products that you can feel good about bringing to your home and family.

We decided to make our own candles when we were “unhappy” with the ingredients in the products we found on the market. Parrafin wax, lead wicks, fake fragrances – you think you are doing something nice for yourself when actually you are hurting yourself with toxic fumes.

But we love candles! So after some research, we decided to try our hands at home made soy candles with pure essential oils. Soy wax – sustainable, clean burning, beautiful, creamy and a perfect vessel for essential oils. And oh, what fun it is to create beautiful scents with lovely, mood enhancing essential oils.

San Clemente Bath Company was created to provide wonderful natural products without harsh chemicals and dangerous preservatives. Our enviro-friendly skincare, candles, soaps, lotions and salts are natural, beautiful and have aroma-therapeutic properties.


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