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Candle Care 101

It's FINALLY candle season (but I mean let's be honest, we love to burn candles all year long, right?)! The days are getting colder, shorter, and Fall is in the air. What better way to get in the Fall spirit than burn your favorite SCBC candles and fill the air with the aroma of cozy days and nights, and warm holiday memories!

But first....there are a few things to remember when burning your fave candles to ensure you have the best burn and scent throw. It will make the burn time longer and create a more healthy candle environment.

Here are Five Important “Hot” Tips for Burning Your Pure Soy Wax Candle

1. Soy Has Memory First of all, soy wax is different than other waxes in many ways, but the most important thing to note when burning your candle is that soy wax has a memory!

What does that mean? Your candle “remembers”, so to speak, where it was extinguished after the first burn.

Knowing this important fact, make sure that you allow enough time during your first burn to let the wax melt pool reach the edge of the vessel. So, for each inch of candle diameter, allow one hour of burn time. This way you will have no “tunneling” (wasted product) and you have prepared your candle for a longer life.

2. Keep Candle Away from Windy, Drafty Areas Drafty areas can cause uneven burns - which may lessen candle life - cause smoking, and can weaken the scent throw.

3. Trim Your Wick Keep your wick trimmed to about ¼ of an inch. This will help to maintain an even burn that is not too hot. It also prevents mushrooming which can cause soot to form. We offer our wonderful Wickman Wick Trimmer in our store. It really does make a difference.

4. Read the Instructions All candles are required to have the basic safety instructions listed somewhere on the vessel. These include some obvious tips, but they nevertheless need to be acknowledged:

- Never leave a candle unattended

- Burn candle in well-ventilated room

- Place candle on stable, heat resistant surface

- Keep out of reach of children and pets

- Stop use when only ¼”of wax remains

5. Best Way to Extinguish Your Candle

Do not blow out your candle. This can cause smoking and hot wax can splatter. Rather, use a candle snuffer or a wick dipper, where you bend your wick into the melted wax, then straighten.

Now that you have your beautiful soy candles and all of your instructions, relax and enjoy candle season!!!


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